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Surgery chart

It's snowing!

The mountains are supposed to get FEET of snow this weekend, and I'm just sitting here, restricted from exercise. All of this is delicious base I'll get to ski on later though!

I never did post le surgery chart. It's not an election since my surgeon only does these on Thursdays, and this is the first date they had open. I was so happy that it was first thing in the morning, since I had to fast and even avoid drinking water. That's why, as you can see, it's during a Grand Cross.

Note that the Sun-Saturn conjunction are rising, and that Jupiter in Libra is conjunct the MC while Uranus is conjunct the IC. Jupiter sextile Saturn is exact, with Uranus within a degree. Luna in Cancer is square the Jupiter-Uranus opposition within two degrees and one degree past the opposition with Pluto.

Things I like:

- Jupiter, a benefic ruling educated people, conjunct a powerful angle representing authority (read: competent professionals)
- Sol, which rules the eyes, conjunct the Ascendant (renewal, also a symbol of redemption; Sol is strong in his Triplicity)
- Luna, which co-rules the eyes, in her domicile and bright but waning (bright healthy eyes with problems decreasing)

Things I don't like:

- an angular Grand Cross (conflicting and powerful interests; we shall see - Luna receives Jupiter into Exaltation and Mercury into his Face and Terms, so this isn't too bad)
- Luna opposite Pluto (this probably represents the threat of cancer; Pluto is exactly trine my natal Saturn, ruling teeth, skin, hair, and bones, and issues related to aging.)
- Saturn conjunct the Ascendant (an angular malefic is usually not good, though it can represent the purifying, contracting cold that stops foreign organisms from growing, the blood from running, and tissue from swelling - it certainly didn't cause delays or mistakes! I think his sextile with Jupiter may have saved the day, as the combination of Jupiter and Saturn means the disciplined application of advanced knowledge. Saturn receives Jupiter into Domicile, Saturn is in his own terms, and Jupiter receives Saturn into his Exaltation, Triplicity and Face. These planets are madly in love. It's even the Day and Hour of Jupiter.)

Hard to call:

- Uranus so prominent (at its best this is high-tech, but at its worst it causes freakish and bizarre events. In fact, Uranus square my natal Venus is probably the reason I developed this problem in the first place, as Venus is in Capricorn, which rules the knees, skin, nails and hair, and Uranus is a mutagen. I have a big scar on one knee, and my skin and nails have always been prone to every petty problem, since poor Venus is stuck in the 6th and thus shows the nature of any health issues.)

Since this is a surgery, what about Mars? Mars, which rules cutting, is conjunct my natal Sun, approaching the aspect and within a degree. (This aspect happens every two years.) Mars is strong in his own Terms. Mercury, which rules adroitness and the healing arts, is also relevant. Mercury is exactly conjunct my natal Venus, in my 6th house of health as mentioned.

Let's cheer up and look at some minerals, Marie. These are some horking wands of selenite. The Fortress of Solitude is real!

Speaking of the earth, Steve has gotten obsessed with giant pink lamps made out of salt. They are pretty cool. So now we have two, lighting up the former temple on the former altars. Here's the Altar Formerly Known as Air in the Direction Still Known as East:

Here's us yesterday:

It was below freezing! Perfect for a beer.
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