Layo (layo) wrote,

Secular, but waffling on the humanism

Taking a politics class is making me feel ideologically incoherent.

Civil liberties
Aggressive environmental protection
Fair wages and benefits for labor/women/minorities/the usual suspects
Legal caps on the length of the work week with mandated paid vacation
Collective bargaining
Affordable healthcare
Caps on rent
Making Election Day a national holiday
Wealth redistribution downward via taxes and entitlements (I know, I know)
Free or heavily subsidized education
The right to peacefully assemble
Freedom of religion
Legal drugs and prostitution
Anything that keeps kids out of the hands of people who either don't want them, or want to exploit them

So far, so typically socialist-feminist.

But also:
Gun ownership
Law enforcement
Military, to an extent
Long prison sentences for violent crimes
The death penalty for heinous crimes


Big government (this stance, however, does not work at all with my socialist leanings)
Domestic spying (get a life)
The prison industry (but didn't I just say . . .)
Torture/black sites/rendition
Human trafficking
Illegal immigration
Long sentences for non-violent offenses

What even is this? I wouldn't even call this Libertarian, since I'm in favor of regulation of all kinds of things, as well as taxes. Clearly I must be terribly ignorant.

I think part of my problem is that I really don't like people, but at the same time I'm not a fan of slavery. So if we could reduce the population somehow, or at least keep everyone the fuck away from me and our natural resources, that would be great. I don't think the general public can be trusted with each other's safety, or ethical caretaking of public resources, unless they've got a gun pointed at them. Rounding them up into some kind of camp is probably going too far. Strongly encouraging reduction of the birth rate sounds good though. I'm probably a terrible person.

I'm more into intensively cultivating a few people, rather than spraying humanity all over the landscape and letting them fight to the death until only the fittest survive. People who favor a high birthrate for the poor are in effect promoting the latter scenario. (So I kinda don't get how the Catholic Church thinks.) It's almost as though rich people want to make sure there are poor people with so few life options that they're willing to be soldiers and prostitutes. But that can't be right. Everyone knows our overlords are _benevolent_.

But you know what I'd really like? A coherent agenda for human civilization itself. What are we trying to accomplish with our existence, as a species? I feel like competition distracts us from the big picture. What is our purpose, other than defeating whatever we think the enemy is day in and day out? Collectively, I mean. We've harvested possibly half the planet's natural wealth so far, and to what end? Assume as I do that there is no afterlife to strive for. What are we doing *here*?
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