Layo (layo) wrote,

Busy and irritated

I'm so busy with school I never even did a weather chart for the crazy snow/ice storm that shut down the mountain passes and closed the school this week! *looks it up* Well, Saturn was conjunct the IC and square the Ascendant; Mars and Venus were angular and conjunct in Aries. That's all I've got? Er, yes.

Result: days of lowland snow that didn't melt right away, freezing rain in the mountains, high winds, heavy rain that felt like a hurricane complete with patches of blue sky between torrential downpours, and even fucking LIGHTNING in Winter on Thursday. Thursday was also a very Jupiter-like day because I did my visit to the courthouse for Business Law, and I watched two hours of a Vehicular Homicide trial. And THAT was weird because the crash happened in Auburn in 2014, and I could have sworn we drove by it on the way up to Crystal Mountain; same number of fatalities (four), same color car, familiar-looking ditch, single-car accident.

The facts of the case were gruesome and sad, and the room was packed with the victims' parents on one side and the defendant's parents on the other. This guy never made bail, and has been in jail since it happened; after the jury was dismissed he was led away in cuffs. But, they might not be able to prove he was driving. I was lucky, because I saw the questioning of key witnesses establishing that he said he was the driver when they treated him at the scene - a gorgeous firefighter *bites palm* and a paramedic. There were lots of photos of bodies and blood, but luckily nothing up close, and the screens were small; I was looking over the lawyers' shoulder at their laptops, and only the jury had a view of the large screen. That's good because the victims were stacked corpses half-in and half-out of a car that had been ripped in two, or piled in the grass, or crushed under a tree, and it wasn't pretty.

One of the prosecutors was a petite lady and very sharp and martial; she's not the one who did the questioning that day, which is probably good because her demeanor is abrupt and ferocious, and I think the jury might have been taken aback. She's the sort of person who makes you feel like a slacker and a moron just by dint of her existence. <3 I know she looks forward to nailing this guy's ass to the wall, and when I talked to her she was pretty into me coming back and witnessing his destruction. If only I could - too bad that Superior Court is all the way out in Kent.

Also I didn't talk about the Lunar Eclipse. Well it was yesterday, in Leo, and exactly squared my Moon. I didn't enjoy it. I ate a sandwich full of wilted lettuce and was relieved it didn't give me food poisoning.

Steve's sciatica got really bad again after we skied in two feet of powder at Stevens last weekend. It was face shots and getting even my giant powder skis so buried I couldn't move my feet. I'm not sure whether I had fun, since we had to stand in line for three hours before they opened the lift (we got there really early so we'd get good parking) and I felt weak as a kitten trying to slog through that heavy stuff. But, it's the deepest snow I've ever skied in other than one short run on my birthday a few years ago, and I did a much better job this time. So it was "an experience".

Other than that trip, I don't even have time to breathe I'm so busy with reading and typing up papers. But, I still watch a little something with dinner before going back and hitting the books again. It's just that I never get a weekend. I have one more midterm to type up, and one more MASSIVE paper, and then maybe they'll chill slightly before I get murdered during finals. I honestly have no idea how I'm going to survive the final week of these classes. It's so bad I am no longer sure I want to go for the four-year degree here. Two of the teachers I have now also teach in that program, and while I really like them, if they're this bad for 100- and 200-level classes what the fuck are 300- and 400-level classes going to be like? And what is a degree in environmental sustainability going to do for me if I end up moving to a Red state? It's still better than being an amateur astrologer credibility-in-lifewise, and any 4-year degree is better than none, but I don't know. At least the upper division classes won't be full of these fucking high school kids.

I finally talked to dad, and everything seems good. He wants me to go check out the fam on Facebook. Well, I'm allergic to that place, and that's only going to get weirder, apparently, as every single time I interact with a person that's the red carpet they roll out. The thing is that I can't think of two-sentence comments to make to people, and I don't want to read theirs.

Oh, and Steve hasn't worked in a month, and we don't have rent for March. His injury hasn't helped. I feel cursed, honestly I do. 2017 is a bigger bag of dicks than 2016 ever was. I have intrusive thoughts of shooting myself in the head, but whatever. I'm a big o' procrastinator by temperament, which does have its pluses - I never get around to doing anything violent, so that's been nice. People with pizzazz and pep end up in jail if they have more than three drinks; I fall asleep.

The next eclipse will be a solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26. Hmm, the last time I had eclipses framing my birthday I got evicted - 2008 I think. *shrug* Hey, then I won't have to go to school Spring term because I'll be in Texas or California or something. Eclipses in, on or around your natal Sun usually portend a massive change in lifestyle. The time I had an eclipse close to my birthday before that was in 1999, I eventually moved from Virginia to California (it can take awhile for the other shoe to drop) and ended up living in a van in San Francisco. Why can't it be Europe this time? Wait, I have to stay in the States to watch the big, fat total solar eclipse in August. I'm finally going to see one! I just have to go to Oregon, or one of the states on that latitude. That eclipse is exactly opposite my natal Sun. So, your basic portent of doom. It's going to be cool though.

Oh, so I saw Suicide Squad and they saved the good music for the credits. They played old-ass chestnuts from the Vietnam era during the action sequences. The endless waves of CGI monsters were boring. The evil witch character was supposed to be undulating sexily while weaving her sinister CGI spell, but she looked like a dancing baby GIF, or like she was doing the potty dance. Which is another thing. How do people end up in these epic situations and never have to pee? That's how I felt when I was waiting in the lift line Sunday: cold and full of pee; and you know I wasn't half-naked in the middle of the night possibly wearing a wet t-shirt like these chicks were. The whole time I was fighting my way down the mountain I was picturing the bathroom waiting for me at the bottom. Nobody ever has a leaky tampon while wearing booty shorts in the movies either. It's all lies. Real adventures be more like, can you pull over and turn around for a minute?

Bah. Long story short, life sucks and I'm dreading going back to the textbooks, so I'm writing you this nonsense instead.
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