Layo (layo) wrote,

crepuscular light crepuscled over the dewey crepuscles

I'm glad the aftercare packet mentioned that bloody tears are normal or I'd have been on the phone with the nurse first thing this morning. It got really swollen but ice packs are helping, and I'm already off painkillers.

She took about a quarter of an inch out of the eyelash line, and went down about half an inch so she could close the incision in a smooth line. I think she did a great job, and I'm trying to follow instructions so my body will be happy and thus make good decisions such as not leaving a scar. I was awake during the procedure but it was quick. They sort of strapped my arms down, and covered me with blankets because they keep the operating room cold. The injections to numb me up were annoying but not too bad. I didn't feel or see anything when she cut out the skin she sent to the lab. I realized she was cauterizing because it smelled like burned hair. However, I felt everything when she sewed me back up. She didn't want to stop during the tiny stitches, so I just put up with it. I felt like a piece of fabric when she pulled the sutures tight; it felt like a cute little row of them - I could tell they were the same size and evenly spaced. She laughed at me for saying it felt like she did a good job sewing me up, but you know, as a piece of fabric I had my own point of view. ;) I was in pain when it was over, and when the nurse was explaining how to use the icepack I was like, great, hand it over! Right now would be a good time . . . I kept it on the whole ride home, but I was still plenty ready for the pharmacist to give me that Tylenol 3.

They didn't keep me waiting for long, but while they did I was surfing the valium seas and giggling at a big weird painting they had on the wall that had a bunch of text and some copper thing with the word "crepuscular" on it. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny, but crepuscular is a good word to read when you're high. crepuscular I mean it sounds like it would spray goo if you poked it, but it just means twilight.

Steve kept me company all day, and indulged me by watching Christmas shows on Netflix. One of them had zombie elves. ;) I wanted to see it for the depiction of Krampus and was not disappointed. I kept falling asleep during Scrooged though. I woke up to see some grinning guy frozen to death in a basement and was like, okay, best not to ask too many questions, and conked out again. I thought Love Actually was super touching though. I want Bill Nighy's body so bad. So yep, high as a kite. :)

I ate a massive baked potato for dinner, and slept really well even though I'd made sort of a ramp out of folded sheets and fluffy pillows to keep me semi-upright.

It looks like I got straight A's this quarter! I got the final grades back for the major projects, and everything got good marks. That's awesome because I put a lot of work into it. One report was worth 20% of the grade in the class. I was nervous about it, so I turned it in a week early; she sometimes lets us do things over if we give her plenty of time to take a look. Sure enough it bounced, so I re-did a section and cleaned up everything I realized still needed work. Version 2 got a 98%! What a relief. The other students I have both that class with, and another class in person (the first one is online, which is why it felt like flying blind - there was no in-class discussion to illuminate the dark corners) were super frustrated, and still hadn't turned it in six hours before it was due. If they were like me, they'd been working on it for three weeks. Yikes. I tried to give them advice, but I could tell they were annoyed that I was done and they were still sweating.

Now my goal is to get well so I can ski! There's not a cloud in the sky, and it would have been an amazing day. Pah. I took the earliest surgical appointment they had and considered myself lucky that no one at school would see the immediate results, but now that it's over I'm like, agh, some vacation.
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