Layo (layo) wrote,

Bad news

The incision healed well and I got the stitches out today.

They did find cancer though (basal cell carcinoma) and I have to go back to get the rest out. The procedure is called MOHS and takes all day, because they take tiny bits, freeze the cells, examine them, and just keep going until the samples come back normal. Then (hopefully) they do the reconstruction the same day.

They don't have any idea whether it will just be a quick cut-and-stitch like last time, or a big-ass skin graft. If it's a graft I won't have eyelashes on the lower lid anymore, and they'll have to use part of my upper lid (I really don't understand this part). The doctor looked so uncomfortable about having to explain the bad news.

On the plus side, I'm allowed to ski again until whenever this next round happens. I missed a great day yesterday - I'm kinda depressed about sitting around so much, but they said I couldn't lift anything or sweat because raising my blood pressure might pop off the clots and cause a bleed. I hope the next surgery isn't until May, though, know what I mean? I bet it will be right on my birthday, which is almost always epically shitty; that would figure.

I gave the surgeon and her team a box of fancy cookies as a thank you though. That's the only present I've bought this year. I'm just not into shopping; luckily Steve has it covered.

Next I get to see Mom on Christmas and delight in her emotional voyeurism. She thinks other people are fascinating zoo animals. She attempts to simulate empathy, though, which I gotta say is mighty white of her. She mostly experiences life as a series of physical sensations and bizarre hallucinations. An odd mix, when you think about it, of very grounded and whooooooooa. She has Sun in Cap, Moon in Taurus, and Saturn conjunct Virgo Rising. But then Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, and Uranus in a t-square with Sol and Mars. Zany traditionalism.

I don't know. Anyway, merry Solstice. Hey, I saw Jupiter conjunct the crescent Moon this morning just before the Sun rose!

Jupiter is exactly opposite Uranus at the moment. Not sure what to make of it. Should be shocking legal changes, abrupt economic adjustments/revelations, inventions pertaining to growth, and something odd involving marriages, alliances, and partnerships. Strain between liberal and conservative social elements will foment chaos and random violence, would be the downside.
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