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Forecast - summary til the end of the year

Thanks for the replies to my last entry! LJ won't let me reply to them in the normal spot, so I'm doing it here. (My LJ app stopped working as well.) [Obligatory Mercury Retrograde comment]

Can you believe 2016 got Zsa Zsa Gabor and George Michael? And the scientist who discovered dark matter? Crazy. Personally I look forward to the end of the Year of the Monkey. The advice for Boars was to focus on education, which I did, but we're a gullible lot and the Monkey is a trickster so it was supposedly a shitty year to be a Pig. For me, it was interesting. Many stitches were gotten, and I had to keep calming down enmity. 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster.

This is a year where image is everything, so always look as splendid as you can. According to advice for Boars, we can travel for work this year, which would be pretty great. I am looking pretty far from fabulous so I'll need to do something about that. One month left of Monkey; Rooster starts on January 28.

Christmas was great, and it should have been with all those Venus aspects! Even Mom was acting normal. We went skiing and then to her house. The hill was empty, the visibility was perfect, the snow was cold and fast, and the view was fantastic. I was sore and tired by the time we got to her place, and my sinuses were going crazy, but it was still pretty fun. She gave me an amethyst ring that I really love. Steve got us a dish set that is pale aqua with crackles under a glaze, and looks like a summer sky as seen through a broken sheet of ice. In a good way.

The Venus aspects were: Venus in Aquarius trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Uranus, and Venus sextile Saturn. Joyous, cold and slightly bizarre, just like I like 'em.

Another storm is in the mountains, and we already have another foot of snow! When my legs recover, I know where I'll be. I'm already getting pretty strong again. Sometimes I laze about and forget how good it feels to use it. The storm coincides with Luna square Mars, square Neptune, trine Uranus, sextile Jupiter, and conjunct Saturn. Yeah, that ought to do it. Sol is sextile Mars today, which is great for badass activities and sex - interesting contrast with the Saturn conjunction, which is about hard work and solitude. Oh well, por que no los dos.

Tomorrow is quite interesting astrologically, as the New Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury retrograde. That means Mercury is cazimi (in the heart of the Sun) in the morning, which is very good for mental clarity and for winning the ear of those in power. Things "ring true" more evidently. Not only that, but Mercury is sextile Mars, lending a forcefulness to self-expression and a keen edge to wit. If you have something important to say, or more specifically a stand to make, this could be the time. Luna is waning during the cazimi and gets reborn in the evening, and I think this adds some negativity to her conjunction with Mercury, particularly since she is in a difficult sign. That plus Mercury retrograde makes me suspicious that if things go wrong, they will go very wrong indeed (as in, drive defensively, because aggressiveness is on the menu and if you're going to go sideways it's better not to be in the middle of some road games). The combo makes me think that charismatic orators could be able to play the crowd in a destructive way. Sometimes the ring of truth is wrapped in clever propaganda, so be discriminating.

Paradoxical, no? Still, I'm pleased to see Saturn on the IC in the New Moon chart for Seattle. That should hold the temps down. So far I was right about this winter being better for skiing based on the weather forecast for our Winter Solstice chart - eight feet so far this season and it's still dumping! We've been waiting for a season like this for awhile.

Here's the part where I warn everybody. On New Year's Eve, Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Things it can mean: drunken violence, psychic warfare, slander and scandal, violent tropical storms, sunken ships, roofies, and loss of self-control where anger is concerned. It's extremely intemperate, and hard to reason with, or even comprehend on a rational level at all. Monsters from the depths of the subconscious may breach the surface, and they're more likely to do so if intoxication is involved. Still, there are people who do ritual trance possession by spicy spirits who might find this useful when acting as a horse - there's a use for everything, but this looks like it's mostly fit for specialists. Competitive diving maybe? Astral projection? Whatever it is, it's not my bag. I really feel like wandering around drunk on the streets is a super bad plan. Neptune is the natural ruler of victimization and sacrifice.

Luckily the Moon's aspects on New Year's Day are quite fine. Moon in Aquarius is sextile Uranus, trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and conjunct Venus. It's a lovely day to spend time with friends.
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