Layo (layo) wrote,

Two law classes

That's a lot of reading. The good part: the information overlaps slightly. The bad part: the interaction of state law and federal law is a clusterfuck (they call it a "marble cake," how's that for spin) and I don't think it gets any better the more you know; in fact I think it gets worse.

I should have learned this in high school. My memory used to be as vast and retentive as my ass. I mean, I _really_ should have; instead of civics we had something called "social studies." In it, we learned that the World Cup is awesome, and that we've been referring to the wrong game as football. Not sure whether this knowledge has helped me, but at least I know what to watch if I want to see hot foreign guys running around. I'm always rooting for Brazil or Croatia, and am never sure whether Herzegovina is a real place or whether I dreamt it. We didn't have Google then you know; we had card catalogs, and I basically decided not to go to college because of them. Research is actually fun now. No wait, it's "Bosnia and Herzegovina" and had an ethnic cleansing incident in the 90's. What, what the fuck is Republika Srpska? Point being, we didn't have Wikipedia either, and people used to *paste photographs onto paper* and draw maps by hand.

Will any of this help me pass a law class? No.

But I thought you might be in the mood for a mini-alert.

Warning: on January 19, Mars in Pisces is square Saturn in Sagittarius. You know that thing where you're going too fast, and slam on the brakes, and the engine dies? I'm using what we writers refer to as a "metaphor." You see, great energy will collide splashingly and chaotically with the forces of delay and slow conservatism. When this happens during, say, a nightclub fire, people get crushed to death in doorways. (That's more of me using my writerly art.) So this transit is basically the worst possible time to be in a hurry. My advice is therefore to plan for things to be frustrating, and to give yourself plenty of extra time. When things do go sideways, it will be with a lot of momentum (and right off a cliff for the very unlucky). I'm not kidding about injuries, especially of the bones, joints, legs, and feet.

For me, already the heater has stopped working in the living room. I assume this is a foretaste, due to Luna in Gemini square Mars today. Luna opposes Saturn tonight and Mercury tomorrow, and the outlook is similar to the foregoing plus the minor irritation of uncooperative devices and machinery. Mercury is in a difficult sign and still moving slowly until Thursday the 12th, when I expect matters to improve regarding communication - especially on Saturday the 14th, when multiple favorable aspects hit, culminating in Mercury trine Luna in Virgo.

Which I hope will be good for the Seahawks. We made the playoffs! But it isn't football. It's a "civic beer and concussion tournament."
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