Layo (layo) wrote,

Life sucks, but at least the booze is good

We racked this year's Sangiovese into bottles, and we finally did it! We finally made a top-notch red wine! I am so freaking happy. We spent all day roasting prime rib to drink it with. :D That's good, because my new TV show is Billions, and I keep getting confused and thinking I'm a billionaire - only to look around at my crappy apartment with yet another patch of blistering paint on the ceiling.

Steve has sciatica, so we haven't been skiing in two weeks. I have a cold. Fucking fuck. I'm crazy busy and I can't get sick! We wouldn't really have time to take a day off for that even if we were both in one piece, but we would have gone up today if he could stand to drive that far, sit on the lift, etc, etc. Worth it to sit in a snow seat during lunch? It would have been beautiful; it's a cold snowy winter, with days of crisp sunshine. Well, fuck. At this point I hope we'll break even on the season pass. He's in agony, and getting his care provider to do jack shit about it has been infuriating. I've only had sciatica once: you basically can't sit or stand without being in pain, and horizontality gets boring fast (even for loafers). It would have been nice to deal with health stuff at the same time rather than sequentially. Year of the Monkey is going full spider monkey on its way out.

Well that's it. Back to blowing my nose, and doing homework. I'm learning about radiation in one class and election laws in the other. The hero we deserve:

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