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Melted and blown, etched and lit

Catch and pour rain blood and wine

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17 February 1970
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I'm afraid this is going to hurt. My body is full of lead and full of light. I'm falling fast and will probably leave a crater which will become a national monument lined in green obsidian. I've tied a pillow around my waist and I'm wearing my helmet and kneepads as a precaution, but ignorance of physics is no excuse they say. I'm looking forward to melting into everything, a hail of glass and bullets.

Here is what the hell I think I'm doing:

absinthe, agrippa, alchemy, aldebaran, algorab, alphecca, animism, aromatherapy, astrological magic, astrology, behenian fixed stars, calcination, capella, cazimi, coffee, cohobation, completeness, consecration, cor scorpionis, dandelion wine, dark star, deneb algedi, diamonds not blood, distillation, enochian, essential oils, exorcism, fermentation, ficino, fighting fire with phenomenology, fluffcore, fomalhaut, gnosis, golden dawn, grimoires, growing herbs, heptameron, homebrewing, incorruptibility, ineffability, integration, invincibility, isis, john dee, kameas, key of solomon, kwan yin, let there be light, liqueurs, lvx, magick, making cordials, meadmaking, minotaurs, mountains as gods, mysterious flying peanuts, naked honesty, occult, occultism, offensive bluntness, paracelsus, perfumery, picatrix, pixies, poison hemlock, procyon, purification by poison, quintessence of wine, rainbow mandalas, redemption, regulus, resurrection, rising to the occasion, ritual magic, rueing the day, salvation, save the cheerleader, sekhmet, self-perfection through masturbation, shadow economies, six feet under, skiing, skrying, slacking, solitude, spagyrics, spica, spirit evocation, spring thaw, stevens pass, sunrise, talismans, tarot, telepathy, the eleventh hour, the end being nigh, the northern crown, the pleiades, they tried and died, tinctures, transparency, twin peaks, veteran 1000 psychic wars, water of life, whistleblowing, wild honey, wildcrafting herbs, winemaking, world domination, writing, xxy

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